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1) What are some “big kid” activities you love to do that keeps you youthful?

Growing up I was always involved in sports, so continuing to be on sports teams keeps me feeling spry and youthful! I join intramural teams at university, including inner tube volleyball, ultimate frisbee, hockey, and volleyball. It is a great way to get an active break from studying and a chance to have fun with my friends outside of the classroom.

2) Beyond modeling, what are some cool projects, hobbies or side hustles you’re working on?

From a young age, it was always a goal of mine to attend medical school. So, over the last 11 years, while I was modeling, I was also a full time high school and university student. I am thrilled to say that the hard work paid off, and I am currently attending medical school in Canada, at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. Before this, I completed an undergraduate degree at Queen’s University and a master’s degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology. Balancing an intense modeling schedule while still being a nerdy, diligent student has been difficult at times, but it’s taught me how to manage my time and reach my goals.

School keeps me busy most of the time, but when I don’t have my head in a book I’m lucky that, on occasion, I have the chance to model still. I am most appreciative of the opportunity it has provided to meet creative people from all over the world who have different backgrounds, stories, and lessons to share. I am inspired by so many people in the fashion industry who are using their platform to enact positive change, and I am driven by the idea that I will be able to use my platform in the future as a healthcare professional to be an advocate for my patients and community. -It was hard enough for me to balance school with university (for that reason I still have yet to complete my degree) so I find it incredibly inspiring that you were not only an incredibly successful model but that you balanced that with university, your masters degree and now med school! Your hard work is DEFINITELY paying off, so cheers to that!! :) 

3) Part of what’s so great about being a model is having a following on social media. What are some important messages you try to pass on to your followers?

It sounds cliché, but I really just try to be myself on social media. I try to be honest and not take myself too seriously, and I hope that it empowers others to do the same. I also use social media as a means to support whatever my friends and colleagues are up to, and to connect with other like-minded individuals. Please connect with me on Instagram (taryn.davidson) for pictures of nature, friends, the odd modeling job, and lots of studying! -I think that's the best thing we can do with our platforms. Show everyone the full package:) 

4) You’re flying to a new city for a couple days of work. It’s a short trip- what are you packing?  

I never leave home without exercise gear and a textbook so that I don’t get behind in school. I think the best way to explore a new city is on foot--- I’ll go for a jog, exploring every nook and cranny, while listening to one of my favorite podcasts (I currently love ‘Ted Talks’ and the ‘White Coat Black Art’ podcast).

 5) The fashion industry is quite wasteful, yet some companies and brands are trying to make a difference. Whether it’s a clean beauty brand or an ethical/sustainable company, do you have any favorites that stick out?

Studying about health and wellness has made me more conscious of the products I use on my skin. For that reason, I love “RMS Beauty” products. I use the Beauty Oil and Living Luminizer for glowing skin and the Lip2Cheek for a touch of color. All of their packages are biodegradable, recyclable or reusable, which means they are good for me and the planet. I look to “Matt and Nat” for backpacks and totes that are sleek but can hold all my books when I am on the go!

6) What are some of your go-to self-care rituals?

One of my favorite ways to clear my head and take care of my body is doing yoga. The combination of spending long hours studying and being 6 feet tall often results in tight shoulders and a sore neck, so I use yoga as a way to destress, lengthen tight muscles and give some love to my upper back.


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