Britt Bergmeister
Maria Bromley

Hey! I'm Britt, sustainability activist and co-founder of On Duty Citizen (ODC). Using our experience in fashion and business, my mom and I hope to transform the way you think and act as a conscientious consumer by providing sustainability tips, curating looks and highlighting our favorite ethical brands

While style is at the forefront of our company, we also want to stress the importance of being an on duty citizen with everything we promote. This is our movement towards spreading awareness about sustainability in our everyday lives.

Having lived for over seven years in NYC as a full-time model, I’ve witnessed the insurmountable waste in the fashion industry, from fabric waste and overconsumption to unethical practices of production. We wanted to be part of the solution with ODC and share ideas about ethical fashion options, sustainable living and everything in between.

Climate change is a complex topic that affects us all, and we believe the sustainable movement should be approachable, inclusive and welcoming. Let’s be a part of the solution together by taking small steps for change, making better choices for our planet and inspiring our communities.

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