1) What are a few things you do to stay environmentally friendly?

I try to minimize my carbon footprint by taking public transportation/walking as much as possible, being conscious of my energy use at home, recycling (duh), and minimizing my consumption of red meat. I support environmental policies and sustainable brands. I also organize volunteer events for an awesome wellness community in NY, and we just had a great event restoring our local community garden in Williamsburg. 

2) Do you have any favorite sustainable or ethical clothing lines?

It seems like more and more brands are taking social and environmental responsibility into account, which is a positive trend but I know there is still a long ways to go. Patagonia is an all-around favorite. Prana is a great sustainable yogawear line. -Those are some of my favorites too! We certainly have a long way to go but it's great to see a lot of brands reconsidering their carbon footprint. 

3) What are some of your favorite organic beauty products?

My products are split between my bathroom and my kitchen. Some brands I love are Drunk Elephant and Tulura. The ingredients in Tulura’s products are picked seasonally and smell heavenly. I always keep a rosewater toner in my fridge, and an aloe plant in my kitchen that I break off from time to time to use as a facemask. I always keep argan, almond, coconut, and teatree oils around for a variety of uses. 

4) On a day off, you’re heading to your favorite coffee shop. What are you wearing?

My trusty Birkenstock sandals, levis and a cotton T-shirt or tank top.

5) Tell me about something you’re doing simultaneously with modeling that motivates you. Another job? A project? Volunteering? A hobby?

Modeling has been an incredible opportunity to travel, support my education, and pursue creative and personal interests.  After NYU I completed a graduate program in nutrition communication and recently became a certified yoga teacher. I also coordinate volunteering events for The Big Quiet, which is really just a fun hangout once a month with the added benefit of giving back. My current project is called The Symposium, which is a digital health publication dedicated to bridging the gap between modern and alternative medicine. Luckily I have an amazing partner for this since this is not an undertaking I can handle on my own. -The Symposium sounds incredible! I think a lot of people get scared about alternative medicine because they're not really sure how it works so the idea to modernize it and make it accessible for everyone is fascinating! I will add- Mika is VERY TALENTED at yoga and has hosted incredible meditations before. I love the idea of meditation but find I get antsy (and sometimes panicky) if I can't move for too long. Mika beautifully led the group for a 20-30 minute meditation and I fell into the deepest, calmest trans I have experienced. I can't wait for the next one you host! 

6) In addition to modeling, what else may you be doing in your future, say 5 years from now?

I hope I'll be continuing to working to fulfill The Symposium's vision and some new stamps on my passport would be nice too! 


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