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1) What are a few things you do to stay environmentally friendly?

I try to recycle a lot, try to use as much paper or my own bags instead of plastic bags, in general not use that many products which are wrapped in plastic and not to waste too much water.

2) Do you have any favorite sustainable or ethical clothing lines?

I love Reformation and Amour Vert, they have really nice and sustainable stuff.

3) What are some of your favorite organic beauty products?

My absolutely favorite brand which I use already for years for my skin is Weleda. And I love SANTE as well. They both are brands from Germany. -My skin can't get enough of Weleda's Skin Food. Such an incredibly hydrating cream, especially in the winter! 

4) On a day off, you’re heading to your favorite coffee shop. What are you wearing?

A very comfortable boyfriend jeans from Mango which I have already for years with a blue cashmere sweater from &otherStories with my white Adidas sneakers and of course not without my black Saint Laurent bag;)

5) Tell me about something you’re doing simultaneously with modeling that motivates you. Another job? A project? Volunteering? A hobby?

I'm really into books! So when I'm traveling or whenever I have some free time I love reading any interesting, exciting books. It keeps my mind away for a bit and helps me relaxing too.

I'm also studying literature and culture studies besides modeling which helps me as well to fill in my free time and to keep focus on something else besides the job. -I truly admire those of you who can balance school with modeling. Keep it up girl!

6) In addition to modeling, what else may you be doing in your future, say 5 years from now?

I think in the future in around 5 years I'm gonna write my own book. I don't know yet at all what it is going to be like but that's my plan;)


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