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1) What are some “big kid” activities you love to do that keeps you youthful?

When I was a child I used to go to the countryside with my grandma, we spent time cooking, walking, playing together and I loved watching her taking care of the garden. Even today, when my work allows me, if I have two days off I love go back to that country house. Everything reminds me of my childhood. I come from Italy and there is a lot of nature and open spaces there, being in the countryside is definitely the thing that keeps me youthful. -That sounds absolutely lovely. One of my biggest bucket list dreams is to go to the Italian countryside, knock on someone's door and cook a home-cooked Italian feast with a random family... There's something so nurturing about a home-cooked meal and the Italian countryside would make a perfect setting. 

2) Beyond modeling, what are some cool projects, hobbies or side hustles you’re working on?

Honestly this work occupies most of my time, both physically and mentally. The best way to relax and think about myself is to write. I like writing about everything from what happens to me every day, about my work and many times I like writing about invented things. This is a hobbie that I carry with me since I was a child. I would like this not to remain just a free time activity. 

3) Part of what’s so great about being a model is having a following on social media. What are some important messages you try to pass on to your followers?

The message that I try to pass to my followers is definitely to be themselves, authentic. I would like people to be more real, it seems that everyone should always chase an aesthetic perfection but also of life showing wealth and well-being. I think there is much more and that real life is much more interesting. -Agreed. It's hard for people to achieve authenticity, especially in our day of social media. But when someone is authentic, their true self shines through and it's quite refreshing for people to see that. It's also incredibly important, especially since we're in an industry that glorifies selfies and being 'beautiful'... Lucky for us models brands and companies are beginning to appreciate the full package and social media allows us to tell the whole story beyond the selfie. 

4) You’re flying to a new city for a couple days of work. It’s a short trip- what are you packing?  

Definitely jeans and cozy sweatshirts, a book, my computer and workout clothes. Oh and some chocolate (for any emergency)

 5) The fashion industry is quite wasteful, yet some companies and brands are trying to make a difference. Whether it’s a clean beauty brand or an ethical/sustainable company, do you have any favorites that stick out?

In the last few years we have had an increase in interest in sustainability in Italy, and this is how many eco-sustainable brands have emerged; among these Par.co denim (jeans) and Alta Rosa are my favorites!

6) What are some of your go-to self-care rituals?

I really like taking care of myself. The way I eat and also how I take care of my skin. I try to use the most natural products possible like lemon or coconut oil. To recharge the energies I love take a hot bath with scented salts and good music in the background. 


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