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1) What are a few things you do to stay environmentally friendly?

I try to use eco friendly products when I can whether it's on my body or cleaning the house. I also like having bags with me to do my shopping because I always feel so awful throwing away plastic bags!! Oh and composting... but I'm really bad at keeping it up to be honest, baby steps right? I also don't order in food because the packaging it takes to deliver a plate of food is awful!

2) Do you have any favorite sustainable or ethical clothing lines?

I am just discovering them to be honest. I've been trying to shop vintage lately but now that I am becoming more aware of new sustainable companies I am VERY happy to support them!

3) What are some of your favorite organic beauty products?

I love RMS Beauty living luminizer, Josie Maran Argan Oil, Egyptian Magic, Geo oil, Prtty Peaushun and anything Tata Harper.

4) On a day off, you’re heading to your favorite coffee shop. What are you wearing?

Probably something simple like a white t-shirt tucked into high waisted jeans with a leather jacket and sneakers. 

5) Tell me about something you’re doing simultaneously with modeling that motivates you. Another job? A project? Volunteering? A hobby?

I love basketball so I've been organizing groups of ladies to play together. We used to just play games but now I want to start coaching girls on basic fundamentals. Growing up my mom was a coach so she taught me a lot which I'm hoping to use towards my coaching. I'm also a health coach and studying to get my NASM so I can be more involved in the health and wellness world. Check out her latest venture, @Lady_ballerzz for some good old fashioned basketball pick ups and drills. 

6) In addition to modeling, what else may you be doing in your future, say 5 years from now?

I love bringing groups of people together to do fun things so I'm hoping it will involve fitness and bringing together communities of people! Dani is the best at organizing group hangs! From first-hand experience I always have the best time, feel awesome after as they frequently involve some sort of workout and leave  in the BEST moods. Plus her hangs involve not just going out for drinks or brunch... a rarity living in NYC! Much appreciated Dani!


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