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1) What are a few things you do to stay environmentally friendly?

I use reusable coffee pads for my coffee machine. I have a water filter so I try to waste as little plastic bottles as I can , I recycle everything and when I take coffee to go I try to always have my own coffee pot with me.

Also I am vegan, being vegan means not supporting industrial farming which means I reduce the methane emission exposed to the environment every day. I also carry my off duty model bottle I got from ODM/ODC-YES!!! We love that you love your bottle! 

2) Do you have any favorite sustainable or ethical clothing lines?

Stella McCartney, Matt and Nat and Sanikai clothing.

3) What are some of your favorite organic beauty products?

My favourite vegan beauty brands which are never tested on animals are : 

Beauty product are not beautiful if animals were tortured for it!  -Amen! Love that!

4) On a day off, you’re heading to your favorite coffee shop. What are you wearing?

Skinny jeans , boots and an oversize sweater. -True ODM/ODC uniform! ;)

5) Tell me about something you’re doing simultaneously with modeling that motivates you. Another job? A project? Volunteering? A hobby?

I am a passioned vegan, I fight for animal rights and am a huge animal activist. I fight for their respect with PeTa , change.org. My hobby is saving animals in need , the way they are thankful and loving is priceless. 

6) In addition to modeling, what else may you be doing in your future, say 5 years from now?

I started my own vegan website:  www.cookveganwithanja.com  and instagram account @beveganwithanja

I am working on my concections and in the future on investors , from 10 years from now on I can definitely see myself opening my first vegan restaurant in Switzerland!


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